Getting the realization that the intelligence of Universe is much much greater than mine... Whatever I do out of compassion, out of friendliness, out of love need not necessarily be best in the long run... And how long is this long run, few years, few decades, few hundred years, few thousands of years... And as I see past few thousand of years... all disappears... there is nothing... there is emptiness...


When the boundaries disappear... nothing can hurt. Hurt/pain is there only as long as 'I' am confined in boundaries.... 

Be Divine

Flowers and thorns grow together, but two are very different. Flowers spread their fragrance even if you crush them.., and thorns they will bite you back... And so flowers are used as offering to the divine, as garland to touch the heart of divine... and thorns once they are cut from tree, they are nothing... The same is true for you, if you like flower love even the one who troubles you, harm you, kill you... You gain the eligibility to be near divine, to be touched by divine, and to be used as his messenger and spread his love... You gain the eligibility to travel on the path  where one day you will be the  DIVINE Two Roses: by AK

The End - II

There is no end. Moksha, nibbana enlightenment are not end, the existence stays forever.... And if the self has to stay forever it is kind wisdom to motivate all around to do good karma, follow dharma....

The End

There is no end, moksha, Nibbana, enlightenment are not end, the existence stays for ever. And if the self in me has to stay forever it would be wise to do only dharama, only right.


Sometimes desire itself is the only obstacle in the desire fulfillment. These times are great to learn complete surrender _/\_

The cause of problem

The problem that we face in Indian system has many roots but major reason: 1. There are very few who decide that no mater what we will follow only the path of dharma. 2. And most (all) of these few, put up a blind mask when something wrong is happening near them. They even lack the courage to just say that this is wrong, leave aside fighting for truth. Even these few are like Bhishma, cursed to see Draupdi dishonored in front of them. If you really want to change the system, have the courage to say this is wrong, have the courage to fight the battle of dharma..... only then is there any future for us!!!!